Tintin: The Red Sea Sharks Paperback

by Herge (Author)


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Tintin: The Red Sea Sharks is a novel that revolves around the adventures of Tintin and Captain Haddock, as they attempt to investigate the overthrowing of the Emir of Khemed.

Summary Of The Book

Tintin: The Red Sea Sharks revolves around yet another Tintin adventure, where the young lad finds himself investigating those who support Sheikh Bab El Ehr’s overthrowing of Khemed’s Emir, Mohammed Ben Kalish Ezab. Captain Haddock and Tintin meet General Alcazar, whose wallet falls down. Tintin tries his best to return the wallet, but he can’t find the General as the hotel he claims to stay in, knows nothing about him. Tintin even dials the phone number he finds in the General’s wallet, but the man on the other end refuses to speak to Tintin. After Tintin and Captain Haddock reach home, they find Abdullah there, the Emir’s bratty son, who is hiding for his safety with his herd of dignitaries and servants. The Emir’s son continues to trigger chaos with his pranks.

Later on, Thomson and Thompson tell Tintin that they are aware of him meeting Alcazar. Tintin finds the actual hotel in which the General stays, and enters to find him in a conversation with J. M. Dawson. Tintin remembers Dawson as the corrupt police chief he exposed and sent to jail for aiding opium dealers. Haddock then returns the wallet to Alcazar, while Tintin overhears Dawson brag about his extraordinary success at selling fighter aircrafts, which results in a coup d’etat in Khemed. Dawson soon becomes aware that Tintin is trying to snoop on him.

Tintin and Haddock then start their journey to Khemed, to rescue the Emir, whom Sheikh Bab El Ehr overthrew. When the two reach Wadesdah Airport, Khemed, the customs security turns them back. Meanwhile, an unknown person, carefully places a bomb to get rid of the two. After battling a series of obstacles that are aimed at taking their lives, the duo eventually meet the Emir, who gives them insights into the slave trade carried out by the Marquis di Gorgonzola, whom the Emir had a misunderstanding with, several months ago. The Marquis uses his trip to Mecca as a means of enslaving African Muslim travelers, which the duo attempt to investigate. Marquis then tries everything he can, to put an end to Haddock and Tintin. Is the duo able to escape from the hands of the cruel businessman?

About Herge

Herge is the pen name for Georges Prosper Remi, a cartoonist and author.

Apart from this book, Herge wrote The Adventures Of Tintin: Red Rackham’s Treasure, Tintin: The Seven Crystal Balls, Tintin: The Crab With The Golden Claws, and Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn.

Herge was born on 22nd May, 1907, in Etterbeek, Belgium. He finished his studies from Saint-Boniface School. He started working for a conservative newspaper, Le Vingtieme Siecle in 1925. During his time there, Norbert Wallez influenced him greatly, and he began working on a series of stories featuring Tintin. Herge was presented the Adamson Awards in 1971, followed by the Grand Prix Saint Michel of the city of Brussels. Herge passed away on 3rd March, 1983, in Belgium.

  • Pages: 64
  • Publisher: Egmont
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781405206303

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