The Legends of the Caucasus Paperback

by David Hunt (Author)

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The Caucasus has an extremely rich folk literature, almost unknown among English readers, which includes myths, legends, magical tales, anecdotes and proverbs. The one hundred and one legends included in this volume reflect the cultures of fourteen different ethnic groups - their dynamism and the matters that concerned them: survival against external dangers, the risk of starvation and the persistence of the family or clan as a coordinated group. Descended from an oral tradition, much of their knowledge was retained in memories and passed down the generations. Yet, with the introduction of the alphabet, the way of life they portray is rapidly becoming extinct. An incomparable collection, Legends of the Caucasus conveys the poetry and romance of these swiftly vanishing tribes. About the author David Hunt is an expert of Caucasus folk literature. He was awarded the McDowell Prize from the Folklore Society in 2008. Author location Kent, United Kingdom David Hunt LEGENDS OF THE CAUCASUS 978-0-86356-473-4 Literary Anthology/Myth & Legend Bic: DQ/FQ January 2012 Paperback Demy 350 pp Key sales points A unique collection, translated from Russian for the first time into English An important work of anthropology, anthologising legends from fourteen different ethnic groups in the Caucasus The translation is derived from collectors working out of the Russian Empire and latterly Soveit Union in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries undertaken A major reference of academic study, the stories will also delight the general reader

  • Pages: 350
  • Publisher: Saqi Books
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9780863564734
  • Category: Social Science

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