The Gift Paperback

by Toni Kimble (Author)

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  • Pages: 140
  • Publisher: Balboa Press
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781452538211
  • Category: Medical

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Reviewed by Larry Russo. Posted on: 23/03/2012

Anyone dealing with the difficulty of cancer needs a shoulder to lean on and reliable resources to rely on. Toni's personal life experience with her Dad and creating this book has given us both. Toni truly is a gift to all of us. This beautifully written book allows exploration of alternative treatments while keeping in mind the personal sacrifices and pain associated with any encounter with cancer. Toni's is such a caring, nurturing soul wanting to help so many people that need to make tough life decisions about treatment of cancer. Her informative book is easily read by anyone seeking a path on their own healing journey. If you are scared and confused her delicate guiding will help you and your loved ones explore options you may overlook or never know existed. Toni is a wonderful mother and person of such quality and value, she shines in giving her gift to us.

Highly Recommended

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