Strategic Facilities Planning: Capital Budgeting and Debt Administration Paperback

by Alan Walter Steiss (Author)


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The volume of new municipal bond issues has increased dramatically over the past thirty years. This new book by Alan Steiss provides an essential and comprehensive guide to the various new fiduciary and fiscal instruments used in the capital budgeting and finance process in the public sector. Steiss convincingly argues that capital budgeting and debt administration, when pursued from a strategic planning perspective as opposed to the more conventional cost-based framework, provides a forward-looking alternative based on a jurisdiction's needs, its resource base, and growth potential. Strategic Facilities Planning illustrates how the allocation of fiscal resources to acquire or construct and maintain strategic facilities can serve as a primary instrument for the effectuation of long-range public policy objectives. This book will serve as an important reference or course text for students and a guide for practitioners in public and business administration and urban planning.

  • Pages: 446
  • Publisher: Lexington Books
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9780739111161
  • Category: Business & Economics

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