Skateboarding: Instruction, Programming and Park Design Paperback

by Ben Wixon (Author)

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This new book provides safe and effective skateboarding instruction and programming as well as information on building and managing skateparks. In the book, the author an experienced skateboarder, instructor and skatepark consultant and advocate, provides the reader with a full curriculum with progressive lesson plans and practice strategies to help teach skateboarding safely and correctly. Also included is guidance through the planning and design process, including an overview of the pros and cons of various skatepark styles and construction types; information on key management issues such as supervision, staffing, scheduling and maintenance; and, strategies for managing risk through appropriate skateboarding instruction, supervision and park maintenance.Proper instruction in skateboarding fundamentals is the first step in providing a safe experience for all participants. Skateboarding begins with a ready-to-use curriculum that can be implemented in a variety of settings, including schools and public parks. This book also features thorough coverage of skatepark management and administration. Wixon offers expert advice on planning and designing a stakepark and presents factors and questions to consider and information on the various types of skateparks so that the reader can choose the one that best fits their needs and help with budgeting for construction and maintenance costs. This is the perfect all-in-one resource for administrators, youth instructors and physical educators. It offers all the information needed to design, supervise and maintain a skatepark as well as create skateboarding programmes for the youth in the community.

  • Pages: 240
  • Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9780736074261
  • Category: Sports & Recreation

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