OS X Lion Made Simple Paperback

by Axely Congress (Author)


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So you have your brand new Mac, or perhaps you've upgraded to Lion on an existing desktop or laptop. Now what? OS X Lion Made Simple will guide you through all of the new features of Lion, as well as provide a thorough tour of the features and applications that are OS X standards. You'll discover how to make the most of features like Spotlight, Stacks, and Air Drop, and you'll see how to get the newest version of Mail working exactly the way you want it to. Inside this book, you will find all of the new features of OS X Lion explained, exposed, and uncovered. It's filled with clear and colorful images that help you get the bigger picture and get a close-up look at what OS X Lion has to offer. Whether you are just joining the many millions of Mac users around the world, or you are upgrading from Snow Leopard, this book will assist you in uncovering the many new options offered with OS X Lion. What you'll learn * A look at a day in the life of a Mac user * New features in OS X Lion * How to work with documents in Lion * How to work with photo and video files * Finding the fun in your iLife * Customizing your Lion environment Who this book is for Whether you are new to Macs or just to Lion, this book will give you exactly what you need to make the most of OS X Lion. Table of Contents * You and Your Lion * Getting Around in Lion * Lion Applications and Shortcuts * Making iWork Work * Using the Mac App Store * Finding Life in iLife * Games and Other Essential Utilities * It's a Jungle in Here: Safari and the Internet * Mail and Other Ways to Say Hello * Keeping Things Safe: Time Machine and Security * Automating Tasks and Customizing Lion

  • Pages: 244
  • Publisher: APress
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781430237686
  • Category: Computers

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