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by R. K. Laxman (Author)

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The Management Of Management

Or How Managers Really Manage!


Rip-Roaring Riotous View Of How Managers Manage Their Affairs By India'S Most

Loved And Celebrated Cartoonist.


Witty And Irreverent, R. K. Laxman Takes Sharp Aim At The Pomposity Of Managers

And Their Fondness For Taking Themselves A Bit Too Seriously. His Tongue-In

Cheek Digs At The Burdens Managers Bear In Their Quest For Profit And Promotion

Are Pure Delight.


Collection Is Guaranteed To Make The Practitioners Of The Esoteric Art Of

Management Double Up With Laughter. And For Other, Ordinary Mortals It Offers

Amusing Insights Into The Goings-On In The Executive Suite.

  • Publisher: Vision Books
  • Published: 29/06/1905
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9788170944973

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