English Bites: My Foolproof English Learning Formula Paperback

by Manish Gupta (Author)

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There are 2 user reviews.

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Bitten and Smitten by English Bites !

Reviewed by Vinay Nadig. Posted on: 05/01/2013

Manish takes the readers on a fascinating journey of his own life in the form of story telling, which is always alluring and in the process introducing English ,the language and it`s own journey and how it is evolving still .Beautiful book for one and all , right from a novice to a purist of the language .Truly bitten and smitten by English Bites .Hope English Bites grows, evolves and endears to one and all just like the language !

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An inspiring read

Reviewed by Avinash. Posted on: 22/12/2012

Manish Gupta is an honest, forthright and gregarious banker who has labored over the book for close to two decades. And he doesn't disappoint. The text is anecdotal and racy and words along with some interesting trivia keep popping out as you flip through the book. Read it not just to improve your word power or ken, but also as a work that reflects the predicament of an average Indian student for whom learning the nuances of English language is as important as scoring well in academics, and how it can become a process of joyful self learning as Manish, a glib talker now, discovered.

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