Delhi Belly DVD

by Abhinay Deo (Director), Imran Khan (Actor), Kunaal Roy Kapur (Actor), Vir Das (Actor)

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  • The film revolves around three room-mates, Tashi Malhotra (Imran Khan), Nitin Beri (Kunaal Roy Kapur) and Arup (Vir Das) leading an unkempt and debt-ridden life. Tashi's girlfriend Sonia (Shenaz Treasurywala) agrees to deliver a package for Vladimir Dragunsky (Kim Bodnia). Sonia then asks Tashi to deliver the package. Tashi, in turn, asks Nitin to do so. But Nitin is unable to do so as he is experiencing 'Delhi Belly'.
  • The Package keeps floating around and is finally handed to the recipient, a gangster named Somayajulu (Vijay Raaz) by Arup. Apart from the package, Arup also has to deliver another package which contains Nitin's stool sample to Nitin's doctor. He mixes up the two which makes Somayajulu furious and he starts the investigation by interrogating Vladimir. Meanwhile Nitin manages to photograph his landlord with a prostitute. So he sends a parcel to his landlord which contains a copy of the photographs.
    • Sonia is with Tashi when his co-journalist Menaka (Poorna Jagannathan) calls him for an important work. When he reaches the place he realizes that it is just a party and Menaka had called him just to have fun. Menaka's ex-husband Rajiv has an altercation with Tashi and hits him on the eye. Tashi retaliates and knocks Rajiv out. As Tashi and Menaka leave they are chased by furious Rajiv and his friends. Tashi and Menaka manage to barely escape.



Imran Khan, Kunaal Roy Kapur, Vir Das
  • Label: Excel Home Videos
  • Format: DVD
  • Language: Hindi
  • Release Date: 2011
  • No. of discs: 1
  • EAN: 8901736038416
  • Category: Drama

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