Bollywood Nights Paperback

by Shobhaa De (Author)

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Can the 'Sweetheart of Millions' be allowed to fall in love? Sultry icon Asha Rani is the unrivalled star of Bombay's Bollywood film industry. But when she falls in love with Akshay Arora - the reigning celluloid leading man - passion threatens to ruin her career. Yet, the 'Sweetheart of Millions' is also worth a great deal for some very powerful people and they are not going to stand by and allow Asha to destroy everything they have built up. But then, Asha is someone very much used to getting exactly what she wants ... Bollywood Nights is a torrid tale of high passions and low morals set amidst the glamour and tinsel of Bombay's film industry.

  • Pages: 368
  • Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9780141030524
  • Category: Fiction

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