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by Prashant Chadha (Director), Aazaan Khan (Actor), Sachiin Joshi (Actor)

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Azaan (Hindi: ?????, Urdu: ????) is the upcoming action film directed by Prashant Chadha starring Sachiin J Joshi and South African model Candice Boucher. Azaan marks the debut of entrepreneur turned actor Candice Boucher and Sachiin J Joshi of JMJ Group who will be seen in title role, It is one of the most expensive films in Bollywood. Azaan Khan a young courageous army officer working for RAW (Indias Research and Analysis Wing) which is Indias external intelligence agency, who has to go undercover beyond enemy lines to save the country from the threat of biological warfare. He is half Afghan and half Indian. As part of his duties, gets drawn into an espionage to find his younger brother, a suspected terrorist. Torn between his love for his country and his brother, Azaan embarks on his mission of unraveling a conspiracy of science and technology, which turns threatening when he realizes that it stands to threaten the 1.2 billion population of one of the largest developing nations in the world - India. What inspiring is a fast paced story of one mans determination of saving his country against all odds of human defiance. Strengthening him in achieving his mission for his relationship with Afreen - a beautiful Moroccan girl, who grounds him with human emotions of love that helps him conquer the plot.


Aazaan Khan, Sachiin Joshi
  • Label: Moserbaer
  • Format: DVD
  • Language: Hindi
  • Release Date: 24th December 2011
  • EAN: 8901124733527
  • Category: Bollywood Films

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