An EasyGuide to APA Style Others

by Beth M. Schwartz (Author), R. Eric Landrum (Author), Regan A. R. Gurung (Author)

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Demystifying the process of writing in APA style and format, this handy guide presents precise examples (both writing examples and Microsoft Word screenshots) and points out common APA style and formatting mistakes and how to avoid them. Written in a conversational and clear style, this guide will help anyone find their way through the maze of rules in the APA Publication Manual and become proficient in learning the fine points of APA style. Key Features: - Offers guidelines and essential tips based on the sixth edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (2009) - Explains the differences between writing in APA style and using APA format - Chapter Two, Your Visual Guide to APA Style, provides a QuickFinder for key issues and style points using a Sample Paper - Annotated paper and examples make it easy for readers to understand the nuances of AP?A style - A separate chapter on mistakes to avoid provides a quick and easy guide to common errors that people make when formatting their papers - A companion website with answers to the exercises in the book, additional exercises to further test your understanding of the format and style rules, additional study aids, updated information about APA format, links to other helpful web sites and resources

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