3 (Telugu) -Film Songs Audio CD

by Dhanush (Artist), Anirudh Ravichander (Music director)

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1. Idhazhin Oram - The Innocence of Love: Singers - Ajesh Ashok, Anirudh Lyrics - Aishwarya.R.Dhanush 2. Kannazhaga - The Kiss of Love: Singers - Dhanush, Shruti Haasan Lyrics Dhanush 3. Come On Girls - The Celebration of Love: Singers - Anirudh, Nadisha Thomas, Maalavika Manoj Lyrics Dhanush 4. Nee Paartha Vizhigal - The Touch of Love: Singers - Vijay Yesudas, Swetha Mohan Lyrics Dhanush 5. A Life Full of Love - Theme Music: Performed by: Anirudh & The Chennai Strings Orchestra 6. Why This Kolaveri Di? - The Soup of Love: Singers - Dhanush Lyrics Dhanush 7. The Rhythm of Love - Theme Music: Performed by: Navin Iyer & Others 8. Po Nee Po - The Pain of Love: Singers - Mohit Chauhan, Anirudh Lyrics Dhanush 9. Theme of 3: Performed by: Mandolin Seenu & Others 10. Po Nee Po REMIX - The Scream of Love: Singers - Sathya Prakash, Harish Swaminathan Lyrics Dhanush

  • Label: Sony Music
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Language: Telugu
  • Release Date: July 2015
  • No. of discs: 1
  • EAN: 886919951226
  • Category: Film Songs

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